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Pig of pure silver-colored purificatory Dunhill year the interest sends a gift
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Say according to Chinese any of the twelve animals, pig year stranger is chivalrous and forthright, have driving, tough the moral with honesty -- the nature that this also is Dunhill man. To celebrate this one auspicious year, dunhill is special rolled out a series of distinctive and chic pure silver-colored pigs year gift, for Alfred Dunhill luxury gift is familial the fresh blood that adds numerous originality to be provided alone.

The piggy from extraordinary store cash pot, to modern and chic pure silver-colored cuff-link, the ceremony strain of 4 excessive lists this one inspiration be sure to win savour captious and the gent of rich percipient people favour.   

Dunhill piggy modelling store cash pot, refine with pure silver and become, it is a perfect cent money is received implement, also be an ideal paper town at the same time, the office division that can allow you keeps sleek. The cuff-link of piggy of pure silver-colored Dunhill that does not have distinguishing feature, add for relaxed and agile cuff another elegant.

Dunhill still was rolled out vogue and lucky the piggy key catenary that have both and mobile phone catenary. Catenary of Dunhill piggy key, be made with pure silver and become, do manual work is careful and beautiful, weight and measure are proper, it is those keys that lose easily people chic ideal partner. Catenary of mobile phone of Dunhill piggy modelling is an interest is very deserve to act the role of, be sure to bring the view that lucky, lucky Heyan admires for you when you handle daily telephone call.

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