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Summer necklace is practical and tie-in law
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  • Set build can come for necklace instantly colorful change personally, like to wear concise colorDressthe collocation that MM must learn this kind to deserve to act the role of.

The effectComparative: Zun Tu's feeling is more spell able and concise, but the collar as a result of the vest is very low, although matched necklace, still be a little deserted feeling; Right graph is twine this necklace jackknife to wear, such looking not only a lot of more comfortable, still added a few minutes of colorful senses, does simple small vest dress have fashionable feeling more?

Everybody is belowRevealOf 7 kinds of necklace set build a method:

Recommend one: With the paragraph but the lapidary necklace across of different color is covered build, than individual object chiccer give prize.

Recommend 2: The circle of style restoring ancient ways drops necklace, collocation grows an odd catenary like color photograph.

Recommend 3: It is circle dropping necklace and the collocation of necklace length a paragraph likewise, pearl serves as very crucial essential factor, make this collocation more harmonious

Recommend 4: Odd chain of metal of collocation of catenary of crystal dropping neck, simple it is beautiful.

Recommend 5: Pearl neck catenary and long chain are tie-in, let you look very elegant. Not must constrained with the even interval between necklace, exaggerated differs removed more reveal the individual character that gives you.

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