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What new fund of orchid platinic gold deduces Wang Zhe is sweet
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Platinic Jin Er nails Shi Doulan

Represent a person: Lin Xiaoping (Space Machine whole world is senior vice-president)

Orchid looks be like effeminate, actually is resolute, platinic Jin Hao is not had foppish, tough and fast, as if Lin Xiaoping be modest about one's skill, sagacious however and doughty.

Ear of Lan Bo gold nails Lei Liya

Represent a person: Feng Yu (TOM is online vice-president)

Bud Li Yalan is high and condescending, to attain the perfect character that deduces platinic gold inside and outside to hold harbour concurrently, just be like Feng Yu to fasten famous door, however inside collect is intelligent

Necklace of Li Dielan platinic gold

Represent a person: Yu Yu (should combine a president when the net)

Li Dielan is ordinary indifferently, never make public, astringent of Yi Rubo gold is worldly all pure, be in only the ray with an instant dazzling coruscate, as if the enterprise that Yu Yu runs him composedly, busy salary is worn happily life.

Jin Er nails butterfly orchid platinum

Represent a person: Zhang La (chairman of group of meal of Chinese spruce Changjiang Delta)

Orchid spends the four seasons, fearless, from inside and outside permeating the character with platinic resolute gold, as if Zhang La, inherent and courageous and resolute, be the travel before oneself dream is ceaseless.

Necklace of gold of Jia Deli elegant Lan Bo

Represent a person: Zhao Xiaojing (Lu Yiwei publishs Chinese division agency and public relations director)

The Jiadeliyalan of perfect absolute sincerity, having platinic gold nature, rare some comes simple character, as Xiao of Zhao of public relations person static believe in is perfect, homage detail.

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