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Breastpin blossoms spring the design of big shop sign of ambiguous amorous feeli
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Breastpin, put in female body to have the place of appeal most, bring " casual " ambiguous amorous feelings. Early spring season, come out the overstaffed of wintry day, dust coat, small coat, sweater come on stage in succession, and breastpin also arrived the season of distinguish oneself.

Dior cheetah ungual breastpin

Inspirational and reductive the small leopard that feels at the flesh is ungual, well-developed appearance itself is very provoking love, cuting black fingernail pledges with the material of similar enamel expression gets extremely rich colour and lustre, and address leopard end also is contacted its and leopard claw together by one beautiful arc, but still harmonious, lovely, perfect.

CHANEL cat breastpin

Lively and lovely puppy is stylist people forever won't dried up originality fountainhead. Interesting design makes you easier balance the pressure in the job.

Breastpin of Armani lizard form

Humorous lizard form breastpin lets a person see unforgettable, also add secret touch of the individual at the same time, just think, who had ever seen a girl puts a lizard on the body.

TIFFANY&Co. Sea horse breastpin

What vivid and interesting animal model showed jewelry is delicate with vitality, let a woman become grow not big princess forever.

Breastpin of CHANEL cartoon modelling

With the bright brand such as iron tower of hill camellia, Paris figure becomes a subject, delicate and lovely breastpin, decorous in taking Tong Qu.

Van Cleef&Brooch of demon of Arpels   Caresse D'Eole

Tie-in and secret type sets pattern platinum, secret type enchases ruby, diamond to be inspiration with wind, the lightsome Caresse D outside the portion ' Eole series; And the butterfly Envol series that has dance lightly in mysterious garden and one numerous lively and attractive fay series, the cover outside the portion is sufficient precious.

Breastpin of CHANEL aureate flower

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