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Gem ponder geometry is aesthetic [group plan]
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Gem ponder geometry is aesthetic

Series of Bao Geli Elisia

Gem ponder geometry is aesthetic

Fold form is hanged adorn

In the modern society of individual character make public, distinctive, ego gave us more dazzling chances, also let differFashionableElemental encountering, collision gives unprecedented inspiration. Geometry is in the center the element that makes a person look at with new eyes most, the gem aesthetic nowadays had made geometry complete cast off the figure of inflexible hale and hearty, rotate and irregular built brand-newStyle.

Gem ponder geometry is aesthetic

Series of Tiffany fish form

Gem ponder geometry is aesthetic

Wide bracelet of Chanel irregular form

Dainty ellipse

When contemporaryArtisticDash against Rome is built

Elliptic design always can build a special appeal, once, it appears in Roman architectural almost in all timeses, it is the tremendous runway of big wrestle field below palace foot of a hill, also be period of Ba Luo gram work of numerous and well-known construction, for instance holy those gets the important element in square, the Ling Guangshan in art history shows these Rome the position that makes be on lasting grace all the time elliptically.

Going up century 70 time, elliptic Ceng Zaizhu treasure bound is hot, elliptic element and deviate center inlaid be in harmony of gem of goose egg form is an organic whole, build a material to pledge as luxuriant as colorific combination. This year, elliptic stage a come back. The Elisia series that treasure Ge Lixin rolls out, be opposite namely on century the new explanatory note of work of 70 time antique. Just this, did to elliptical appearance more accord with contemporary and aesthetic dainty to change processing, elliptical by drawing, the position that breaks up a dot in gold enchases downy elliptic gem again, or for bright red coral, deep emerald, or appear United States getting, relaxed La Bao for get rid of, apply goose egg form and much face cut to build the gem with a downy and rich curve, with the circle outside fine fine gold or join of platinic annulus photograph, acme beauty colourful bright, outstanding color effect and
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