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The colour trap that drops into the enamel [graph]
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Drop into the colour trap of the enamel

Mention the enamel is very much perhaps the person is a little new still, but mention " cloisonne enamel " everybody is familiar with most propbably very much, it represents one of the enamel important category. Enamel headgear is had longMakeCraft, rich color behaves force, the adornment that must not think it is very old so -- fashionable glamour often depends on it not only can " new wine in old bottles " , and this wine often more sweet alcohol is inviting. Especially this year Qiu Dong, all-time the colour tension that underlines vogue deserving to act the role of, and the main chance that this gave enamel act the role ofing to taste a distinguish oneself fitly.

Is the enamel the enamel that often says so?

Enamel, say again " Buddha man " , " the magic art is blue " , it is the transliteration word of a denizen, result from period of the Tang Dynasty of the Sui Dynasty. At that time " feed a country greatly " the flourishing ground that regards an enamel as craft, production enamel embeds glair handicraft to be called " stroke man is embedded " , turn after occurrence cloisonne enamel sound for the enamel. 1956 standard of goods of enamel of our country formulate, it is the enamel surelyArtisticThe generation of enamel says. And before this, enamel and enamel are synonymous language.

The technology with distinctive what does enamel headgear have?

Amount to a person as vogue, when the enamel tide sheet in him show off is tasted, if still can be told,tell among them distinctive way to do sth, regular meeting makes a person look at with new eyes. Everybody is in most propbably in cloisonne enamel learning to belong to metallic embryo enamel in textbook " wire inlay enamel " . And in vogue kind in enamel headgear, wire inlay enamel because technology is very sophisticated do not see more so, common is inside fill enamel and picture enamel two kinds. Just as its name implies, former it is the metallic ability in proper form the enamel is filled in quality base, and latter is on the metal the picture gives pattern.

Enamel headgear ever was the foreign other people with rare the wife of a prince aing concubine of an emperor
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