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2008Cartier Kadeya is engaged the United States gets ring
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Kadeya is France famous gem brand, founded 1847. At this late hour, had become the gem wrist that is famous in the whole world to express a celebrity. Inside each ebullient gules jewel box, bearing the weight of this gives birth to an acceptance not change, the give up of the marriage that order affection that enchases bright beauty to get.

High-quality jewelry series: Reflect acme aesthetic perception, perfect show diamond that is delicate, can present the ray with its dazzing bright more from the ring that sets diamond closely.

Marry plunge drop: This marriage give up enchases 3 diamond side by side, body reveals Kadeya's masterly craft and superexcellent creativity. Give up of 950 platinic golden wedding, set a princess closely model and bright model cut diamond.

Kadeya earring of diamond of heart form platinum, diamond weighs 1.85 carat in all

Solitaire1895 series: Ring of 950 platinic gold, set closely bright model diamond, appearance mounts sheet in bright model cut diamond, central diamond weight: 0.5-5 carat or above. Also weight is the pear form cut of 1 carat, lozenge cut, heart form cut and elliptic cut diamond, the emerald that more weight is about 1.5 carat cut and radiative model cut diamond.

You ' Re Mine: Ren neodymium cook and stir sentences the Lai that be troubled by  to Zou charming male wizard idle of some letter of  of duty of pond of Pa of bright  

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