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Reason faces mad stone [graph]
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Reason faces mad stone

Halcyon of spruce carve of happiness of blessing salary life is placed

Quality of a material is exquisite, kind water is connected fully. 5 kinds of color appear on raw material of a halcyon very god-given. This work chooses violet carve an affectionate couple of a pair of paddle, seedpod of the lotus; A pair of the lotus that Bai Cuidiao blooms, red-crowned crane; Lotus leaf of green emerald green carve and dew; The coronal ministry of red-crowned crane of red Fei carve; The eye of Mo Cuidiao red-crowned crane. Show the view of moonlight of pond of carry on one's shoulder.

Dimension: 6.2 × of 15.5 × 1.3 Cm

Club Tibet is tasted

In recent years, as halcyonThe marketrapid development, halcyon rises in price very breathtaking. The halcyon that ends before long afore is fair dish (fair dish it is emerald raw material the auction is met) on, take many yuan 20 halcyon original rock in all, and the earliest fair dish clinch a deal the quantity also does not cross 10 thousand yuan thousands of. Why to clinch a deal is the amount such tall? Investigate its reason, the amount that is emerald collector increasingly grow in quantity, and average per capita collects emerald value already from in the past hundreds of, thousands of yuan become tens of thousands of yuan of present; Its price is in the 2 halcyon that are same quality every year rise, so a lot of connoisseurs just very value emerald market, and abundantly buys emerald raw material, have a few experts more corner halcyon raw material does not undertake machining, after wanting to stay, ability sells.

Halcyon made to the letter " mad stone " , and of emerald industry also produced tremendous change from industry team. It is with Beijing field exemple, in the beginning of auspicious halcyon club established 10 thousand luck 2002, whole Beijing does not cross ten companies to manage halcyon, after 5 years are being lain between when today, beijing does emerald jeweller to had enlarged 89. Spread out in market of general merchandise bazaar, gem, secondhand goods and travel market, we can see emerald sign. In this short a few years, whole market appears prices of a kind of fulminic growth.

From the outbreak of personnel of course of study the gender grows, make appeared of halcyon from inside industry main forces a lot of " false connoisseur " . These philtrum great majority do not do emerald business before, also do not understand emerald industry, make money because of this industry, also do not touch this " stone " alluring, turn and will do halcyon. Can imagine, if him businessman does not know halcyon, the true and false to certain kinds or types of goods, character can lack basic judgement. This also is a lot of rubbish goods are full of in the market the reason of the face. Not only such, these " false connoisseur " still fabricate via regular meeting for example " some kin of my home is on mine " or be " my home has a processing factory in Yunnan " etc be full of commerce con colorific story, with persuading customer its kinds or types of goods comes from Yu Yuan head. And in fact, the emerald shopkeeper of great majority, the halcyon that its manage is finished product. Buy raw material to machine special little, this consumer is duped very easily.
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