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Aquamarine the birthstone March is secret
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Spring in March, everythings on earth anabiosises, warm meaning complacently, just be in from the people that the tone loosened in the cold winter with lazy languid during enjoying spring scenery bath, can choosing to adorn the birthstone this month -- aquamarine will add an auspicious auspicious happy event is angry.

The birthstone that exorcise evil spirits blesses


The birthstone that exorcise evil spirits blesses

About birthstone, there are a lot of this kind views early in archaic China. The people in those days thinks each stone experienced big barren period of the earth, because stone of wh some of which drew the essence of the clever gas of heaven and earth, life, contain some to plant " clever gas " , have exorcise evil spirits and blessing effect (for example " red Lou Meng " in containing in the mouth when Gu Baoyu is born that " connect Ling Baoyu " , accumulate containing) of this kind of thought, this kind contains mythological colorific viewpoint final evolution becomes culture of a kind of folk-custom. And be in abroad, no matter be " Bible " in 12 cornerstone, cuirass 12 lapidary fokelore, or " the Koran " in 12 angel, celestial bodies the story of 12 palace, the people that makes place formed a kind to adorn be born of lunar gem consuetudinary.

16 centuries metaphase, church personnel of Europe begins a year 12 months match respectively with different gem, regard an individual as the lucky stone that be born, this represents the gem of every month, be called " birthstone " or " birthday stone " .


"Merman stone " beautiful fokelore

According to long-term folk-custom habit and fokelore, on the birthday stone list that in international gem the society ranks, decide aquamarine formally for the birthstone March. This watch can not be optional platoon the row comes out, it condensed the marrow of culture of Chinese and Western, and the deep knowledge to folk-custom culture and lapidary itself.

The English name of aquamarine is Aquamarine, result from Latin Sea Water " seawater " , this is the color that because of ancient time people discovers aquamarine as seawater euqally azure, gift its attribute with water, think this kind of beautiful gem comes from certainly by Yu Hai. After this, aquamarine and " water " had the reason that indissoluble.

In fokelore, in deep and remote blue sea floor is living a flock of mermaid, they are acted the role of as their with aquamarine at ordinary times article, dress up oneself, once encounter the moment of truth, simply lets gem accept the illuminate of sunshine, the strength that can gain mystery will help his. Accordingly, aquamarine still has an another name " merman stone " , this and the Pisces March are apropos each other shine upon.
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