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Design tends diversification
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As the development of modern science and technology and market demand, silver act the role ofing is tasted now tend apparently diversification, although sufficient silver-colored element sets a product,still occupy main position. But the silver-colored headgear requirement that sets gem also increases apparently. Form the significant progress trend of silver-colored headgear.

The silver-colored headgear that sets gem basically has the following kinds on the market at present:

1, set cubic zirconia, especially the silver-colored headgear of zirconia of chromatic cubic metre, set all sorts of silver-colored headgear that synthesize coloured gem;

2, the silver-colored headgear that sets natural and cheap gem, the silver-colored headgear that enchases the half gem such as violet brilliant, Huang Jing, La Huangyu especially;

3, set natural ruby, sapphirine, beryl, and even the silver-colored headgear of diamond;

4, in metallic stuff side, use bullion to close set, silver-colored plating rhodium, silver and other alloy are enchased wait to have more appear;

5, the psychological demand that emphasizes a youngster pursueing style on style design. Contemporary youngster likes to use leather, ganoid material and silver to combine inlaid silver jewelry, design is original one of heat that already became silver act the role ofing to taste a sale. For this, some companies roll out about a hundred new design every months. The silver that some companies design different pattern for treatment is acted the role of article, coloured gem is chosen 40 a variety of.

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