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Silver act the role ofing is tasted make a woman pure and fresh one summer
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Sunshine is more and more violent, the lady's dress also comes as summer and with each passing day Shu Shuang is cool and refreshing, besides the dress, what still can increase cool vision result? Silver act the role ofing is tasted! It is pure Bai Qingxin's appearance, suit summer to deserve to wear most, also just mix popular now compact style mutual reflect.

Silver act the role ofing is right for the woman, have the subdued color like moon, compared with other adorn article provide affinity relatively, won't give a person too grand sense, but the adornment effect that goes up mannerly again, provide neuter at the same time idiosyncratic. The female of contemporary to liking feeling, silver act the role ofing is cassette is necessary act the role of article one of.

Pure silver, say strictly, silver-colored content must amount to 92.5 % . The Buddhist nun of Fu of American the base of a fruit that has long silver to act the role of the history (TIFFANY) , use this kind of purity to cast namely in the first 100 silver that roll out before New Year more. Ever since, american commodity Bureau of Standards covers a standard according to this, decide next standard for pure silver; And the brand that bear the blame, all can be in product engrave " 925 " model of written characters. So, have " 925 " the mark is silver act the role ofing is tasted most the condition of at least.

Of course, famous brand silver acts the role of cost to be spent at most at manual burnish kongfu, whether has pure silver left time on finishing, in there is very big difference on oxidation degree in the future, defeat grinds dozen of light to be able to make silver-colored exterior construction more strict solid, oxidation hind turns and rather than of light coffee color into black.

Because extend a gender silver-coloredly pretty good, so silver of a few famous brand is acted the role of also can ask famous stylist to do the original design that achieve a gender, in order to behave brand characteristic, flaunt can pass offspring even. For example, some of silver act the role ofing passes special oxidation processing, present stereo result intentionally, silver of law of this kind of ability acts the role of the place of depth to present different colour and lustre, let act the role of article look more agile. Perhaps be silver to act the role of a theme with a kind of natural ore again, the material such as Nao of again tie-in Hei Ma, garnet is qualitative, let silver act the role ofing send out the palace gust that restore ancient ways.

Actually, hold a principle to be able to avoid silver act the role ofing to blacken, be in namely unused need not when, with heal plastic bag is sealed, contact in order to decrease with air, can slow down blackens.

Nevertheless silver comes up against air or hydrosphere, regular meeting blackens gradually, but should use bubble of the leach that wash silver only, rinse clean with clear water next can look brand-new. The water washing silver that city makes work, can buy in certain jeweller's or shop. What must notice is, the water that wash silver is had caustic, silver of commonly used easy injury acts the role of itself.
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