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Miao Zu silver acts the role of culture (one)
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Miao Zu silver is acted the role of should include Miao Zu people to wear the integral condition of outfit, it includes dress and its suitable adornment and adorn content. Miao Zu silver is acted the role of develop through long history, habit of the geographical environment with different by, lifestyle, custom, totem adores, religious belief and the craft that make, comprised the ethical dress culture with rich Miao Zu. The distributinged extensively to form Miao Zu diversification again with peculiar ethical habitat silver of Miao Zu acts the role of culture. Silver acts the role of culture to regard Miao Zu dress as the indispensable part in culture, mix in generation, inheritance stream change go up and other people dress is same, suffer the effect of element of many sided culture, form distinctive inheritance district and style thereby.

One, the integrated carrier that silver act the role ofing is culture of Miao Zu people, act the role of with respect to the silver of Miao Zu look, can say the integrated carrier that is culture of Miao Zu people. It can show the family is wealthy on one hand with belongings, the culture meaning that has afford for thought on the other hand -- Miao Zu silver acts the role of the mark that serves as a nation, it removes hold together Miao Zu the main effect of a certain community and certain group. Main distributinging Yu Yunna, Guizhou, Hainan mixes domestic Miao Zu Hunan western area of and other places, in same people same in supporting a department, people often wears same silver to act the role of, silver act the role ofing is become a group of things with common features group identify a mark. Silver act the role ofing serves as idol, its descendants same ancestor closely agglomeration is together; Regard marriage as the mark, it loves the life to bring favorable order to the marriage of people; As wizard implements, it offers the safe sense of the life to people from mentally. Accordingly, miao Zu silver is acted the role of already was not pure adornment, however root establish lives at Miao Zu society medium culture carrier. The branch with numerous Miao Zu and the silver that different district arises and formed Miao Zu diversification act the role of culture.

Silver act the role ofing has important place in dress of Miao Zu folk. In Miao Zu dress especially in woman dress, silver act the role ofing is a kind what use extensively relatively generally is advanced act the role of article. Have expert summary, the artistic attribute that Miao Zu silver acts the role of body to reveal 3 aspects and aesthetic characteristic -- with greatly beautiful, it is the United States in order to weigh, with be the United States more. Always fill political integrity day to need the full-dress silver that has masses acts the role of photograph companion. In Miao Zu in the memory of people, silver belongs to treasures. Over there our country's other minority, silver act the role ofing often also is the ornamental with every necessary family, the silver in the home is acted the role of more, deal is heavier, the economic atmosphere that makes clear this door other people is better; Silver because its crop rich, colour and lustre is good, machine easily, be in folk wide to use, make the optimal choice of in a popular style, this also makes the making craft that silver acts the role of reached quite high level; There is prelibation to gas defence in folklore silver function, so the silver gases defence chopsticks. Silver of Miao Zu religiosity can exorcise chases demon, folk returns fabulous silver to be able to avoid unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease divides bewitching, become a kind so wide act the role of welcomely taste stuff. Be like the 7 stars amice of Yunnan the Naxi nationality, besides inwrought design, the Plough of commonly used silver is decorated; Yunnan radical Nuo a group of things with common features act the role of on the bib before woman bosom have silver, silver-colored button, silver medal, there also is many silver to act the role of in the dress of the Jingpo nationality, appearance each different, become the core place of dress. Guizhou Guizhou southeast, miao Zu people is when royal festival, some puts on the silver that hefts a few jins to act the role of, expression gives the festal aura of dense; Tibetian people loves to carry elegant Tibet to silver act the role ofing is tasted and hide a knife, west Hunan Miao Zu and silver of the adornment on cap of baby of the Tujia nationality act the role of Bodhisattva and arhat to resemble waiting. Because silver acts the role of the catholicity of generation and extensive sex, again the history with long by develops, formed a distinctive civilian technology, reflect in craft appearance of careful, grain is abounded, modelling distinctive, function is complex wait for each respects, with civilian craft, folk-custom celebration of the life, festival blends each other, the silver that forms each characteristic acts the role of culture.
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