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Miao Zu silver acts the role of culture (2)
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The religion that adores from the totem looks on belief, miao Zu silver acts the role of the apparent totemic culture that reflected its nation. If Guizhou is yellow,make the same score the Yin Fengguan of Miao Zu woman, by hundreds delicate floret plunges into the cramp at hemisphere shape to go up, form hemisphere form coronal, insert in the center of coronal top have one silver phoenix bird, two side insert Feng Diao the on 2 birdie that differ to 4 appearance, phoenix coronet front is hanging the silver medal with 3 differ accident, the decorative pattern on silver medal is " Shuang Fengchao is in relief " park " 2 Long Huzhu " over, the form that is silver-colored coronal with Feng Diao makes principal part, expressed a kind of hope that its flourish to descendants; Be silver-colored coronal appearance with ox horn or pattern of authentic butterfly grain is being carved on silver-colored coronal also is the common expression form of Miao Zu silver-colored coronal, this waits for ancestral totem to butterfly with Miao Zu adore having inseparable concern. Adore photograph comparing with totem of Miao Zu folk, the effect that Tibetian suffers Cang Chuanfo to teach is more profound, from its primitive art suffers the influence of primitive religion to store the be current that sends buddhism to later, there is apparent show on Tibetan act the role ofing. Tibetian silver is acted the role of on inlaid turquoise with respect to the source in its religion myth " wear turquoise to be able to purify blood " say, and the application of Shan lake also is religious belief in its " Shang Gong " of ideal consciousness reflect. There is a kind of necklace in Tibetan act the role ofing, a silver-colored case is registered below its, contain inside amulet, or it is to hang figure of Buddha of a silver or musical instruments used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass, be like lotus, law annulus, or 6 words admonition, religious color is very thick.

The distinction that from Miao Zu silver act the role ofing and Tibetian silver act the role of is mediumer, we can discover, the generation of the formation of culture of silver act the role ofing and its culture is the corporeal life that gets an an area, folk and cultural life condition, combined influence that civilized degree of the society reachs each side at that time and form, what silver act the role ofing is having culture is moist, will have vitality forever, as the development of the times, the progress of science and technology, its inheritance and development can have more new content. Nowadays, collect or wear contain mysterious colorific from bold and unconstrained of Qinghai-Tibet Platean thick mine Tibetan act the role ofing is tasted, had made a kind of popular trend. This kind of popular trend is being explained with its peculiar way " vogue " . Wear act the role of a kind of tasting is expressive nation style very good performance manner, and among them silver act the role ofing serves as a kind of very popular element, with it distinctive temperament is attracting the customer of numerous pursuit individual character. It is traditional silver is acted the role of or contemporary silver is acted the role of no matter, got of people love, silver act the role ofing develops those who become a kind of daily town to act the role of gradually article, the preference that people acts the role of to silver has not sufferred whether to keep a cost, avoid the limitation of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease and function. The silver with bazaar delicate craft is acted the role of; The silver of individual character of high-quality goods inn, originality is acted the role of; The copy Tibet of street thick mine appears silver act the role ofing in succession, act the role of artistic photograph to compare with traditional silver, contemporary silver is acted the role of article had more expressional kind. There was new breakthrough on the craft that make and data processing means, the silver that uses processing of advanced science technology is acted the role of make traditional silver acted the role of art to get raising of things to a higher level, the harmony that is science and technology and beauty is unified; The in a steady stream on design concept is surmounted ceaselessly spatio-temporal, the design concept of tide gifted silver acts the role of more vitality, art of silver act the role ofing had more the expressive theme of rich and colorful.
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