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The culture connotation that Miao Zu silver acts the role of
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Semeiology home thinks, we live in world of a symbol, "All mankind behavior is comprised by use place of the symbol, or the action " that relies on a symbol. Miao Zu silver is acted the role of also is the symbolic world that one each becomes a system, it is the symbol with indicative nation external, it is the symbol that branch distinguishs internally, it is the symbol of the age and sexual distinction to the individual, and the clearest sign shows a nothing is more... than is right marriage no identifying.

Since bright generation, miao Zu silver is acted the role of had in parcel area namely identify marriage denied function, nowadays, this kind of function already gained ground very. Below most circumstance, silver act the role ofing basically is to use those who decorate single woman. In Guizhou clear water river reachs drainage area of county Liu Jiang, silver act the role ofing is full-dress have 3 kinds of meanings to host. One of, the person that express to apparel already entered adolescence. Press consuetudinary regulation, do not the girl of pole cannot apparel silver act the role ofing is full-dress, the silver that also cannot use grown the female sex is acted the role of. Enter reed balsa field, having the sense of travel pole ceremony. Secondly, the person that express to apparel has not marry. Miao Zu female once after marriage is borne, want to change his costume or dress by the regulation namely. Thirdly, desire of the person that express to apparel occasionally. The reed cause field of most area, the silver that annulus admire jingles acts the role of the ticket that full-dress delegate passes through one piece, be to the qualificatory certificate that surrounds the have a youthful look of view to reveal his, otherwise, again pretty girl also can do a spectator only.

A lot of sheet the special decorations that silver act the role ofing is end marriage woman, although married woman is had also cannot use, if Guizhou multitudes,the Yin Yu hair of 1000 Miao Zu is replaced, the head of silver-colored gourd ladle of the Miao Zu that turn over a platoon is discharged, the silver of yellow smooth Miao Zu surrounds lumbar catenary, the silver-colored horn of thunder hill Miao Zu, silver-colored beautiful hair is replaced, apply the silver-colored fan of hole Miao Zu, silver-colored garment to wait a moment, lift count deeply.

The female of popularity of sword river Miao Zu locks up type dangler, be a model is paradigmatic. Dangler needs to enter green day to be worn to her with one's own hands in the daughter by the mother, when getting married till the daughter 4 get off with one's own hands, change object butterfly type dangler. Place still is circulating up to now the story about lock type dangler. Fokelore is called the girl of woman A a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument, clever and fine-looking, machine brave is outstanding. Once, she is singlehanded behead reduces twinkling fine, nearly is turned over by its bite, favour gets Baal child aid, kill twinkling essence of life, just get rid of for place damage, two people also fall in love accordingly. Face when parting company, of Baal child send woman A a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument dangler of type of a pair of locks, a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of hope woman A is duteous to love. Woman A a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument is answered send one condole lock necklace, express to forbid sweetheart to love another person. " commentate renown " day:" Archives of day of the Shi Zhu that wear ear (dangler) , this stems from pretty exterminate place to be originally also. Light excessive of pretty exterminate woman is good go, reason is blocked with this Lang hang down. Today the ear of Chinese effect. "Here, fokelore is confirm with history record each other, the original originality of dangler is for caution the woman wants faithful at love. Up to now, the desalt of original implied meaning of dangler a few days, but the dress in sword river Miao Zu is consuetudinary in, still be however marriage a kind of denied mark.
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