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The headgear that buy silver suggests to see a design seriously
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As standard of living rise, people adds to the demand year after year of silver-colored headgear. Meanwhile, involve silver-colored headgear kind of the product complain increase apparently, necklace hand catenary ruptures, the responsibility after inlay falls off just cannot be maintained is complained main content.

Miss Zhang is in Shanghai Yue Gong art tasted bazaar to purchase a value 168 yuan silver-colored necklace. After 3 days, miss Zhang is when bath, adorns necklace ruptures suddenly 3 paragraphs. Miss Zhang asks to return money, but bazaar considers as use undeserved cause, agree to pay out of own pocket only exchange. To this, headgear detects the station expresses to be able to detect only the composition of headgear, weight, cannot detect rupture desquamation reason. Classics city disappear is protected appoint after mediation, last market just agrees to return money.

When clew consumer chooses silver to act the role of, besides paying close attention to a style, still should notice whether the design is reasonable, notice quality of link, inlaid and firm sex. In addition, adorn silver act the role ofing wants escape outside force and pollution, avoid accident collision, extruding.

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