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Yunnan nation silver acts the role of assemble
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In the Yunnan nation dress of rich diversity, silver jewelry is having the effect that make the finishing point. The people that has reached minority area can remember woman, children people a variety of silver act the role of: Children the Yin Ling on the head, beautiful arm gives birth to women brightness bracelet, the incomputable silver-colored bubble on the one or two pieces making up the front of a Chinese jacket, the silver that builds full shoulder chest is acted the role of piece, Yin Zhui... the grandest picture is in the Jingpo nationality " eye head vertical song " on grand meeting, all women are wearing the silver-colored shoulder short embroidered cape that becomes by join together of a few big silver-colored bubble, grow those countless glittering and translucent silver-colored bubble in long dance line, surpassed Xia Ye all over the sky numerous star!

The silver of Yunnan folk is acted the role of, taste with the be handed down from ancient times of clear generation and period of the Republic of China most, the earliest but restrospect to the Song Dynasty, yuan. Museum of province nation museum, institute of nation of province art gallery, province has quite quantitative silver acts the role of Tibet to taste, private also have the person that collect. Perhaps have Yunnan only, just can return today can collect the traditional silver with so many and rich variety to act the role of article. Besides Yunnan nation better land is maintaining numerous, each nation oneself particular consuetudinary kimono is acted the role of besides, what teem with since ancient times is silver-colored, also be Yunnan silver acts the role of advantaged place.

" geographical annals of Chinese book · " carry: Build Zhu Dishan of the southwest that it is county to give silver. Zhu Dishan knows an area in clear; A few when the Eastern Han Dynasty basically produce silver-colored ground -- the rule is high (today Liu Liang county east) , Ben Gu (build water county southeast today) He Shuangbai, the churchyard austral Dou Zaiyun; Yuan between acting day calendar year (the Christian era 1328) year, the tax silver-colored specified amount that Yunnan saves 36780 2, it is quantity of countrywide class silver (77560 two) 47% ! Between bright generation Tian Shunnian, volume of Yunnan class silver rises to 100 thousand two above, occupy countrywide class silver to measure (183 thousand two) above of half the number! Clear Dai Kangxi year, yunnan silver-colored factory amounts to 19, class silver-colored the amount of tax to be paid occupies countrywide first place for a long time. (above number occupies Mr Guo Yufu " mine of Qing Daiyin mine and imposition pre-test " one article carries. )

"Yunnan " this name, originate " of pink clouds south " . Have the account of above silver output, can say, yunnan also is " of silver south " . How much does silver act the role ofing know.

Every nationality is silver-colored in acting the role of, having is children place is used partly quite, among them silver-colored cylinder, lock piece most. Because childhood is the phase with disease and more accident, press civilian view, dai Yinsuo can " lock " live life, avoid auspicious of hasten of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, call silver-colored lock long-lived lock so. Chinese, white, Yi, Tibet, Ha Ni a group of things with common features what the child has Dai Yinsuo, silver-colored necklace is consuetudinary. There also are many silvers to act the role of on child cap article.
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