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Yi silver look different
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Yi people like to dress, to wear gold and silver for fashion, in particular, silver is still silver complex of worship is most prominent, and this custom has spread so far. These traditional folk customs and silver not only popular in the majority of the Yi areas, but also created a large number of craftsmen. The accumulation of craftsmen through the ages, the Yi people increasingly sophisticated silver production process, the current technique has been selected for this production level of Sichuan Province Intangible Cultural Heritage. It is learned that long ago the Yi areas to the silver bullion as money, silver is the identity, status, wealth sign. According to archaeological discoveries, Yi is the first smelting, casting silver in the national one. Most ingenious Yi silver singular, vivid and beautiful shapes, delicate lines and beautiful. The silver or thick, or light, or red tape, or compact, so dizzying, breathtaking. Great variety of species A wide range of Liangshan Yi silverware, a large number of silver tableware, wine, harness, tools, appliances and accessories such as religion, and some wrapped in a layer of lacquer on the skin or inlaid silver pieces of silver to increase the beauty of lacquer and value. Yi accounted for the bulk of silver is the accessories. Decorated with beautiful beautiful hair bulbs, ornamental engraving a unique collar, a chic earrings, a fine work of pectoral, back decorated, with singular style bracelet, bracelets, and rings ... very ethnic style ... If they Yan national costumes echo the Shanhua, wonderful infinity. In the Yi people, the men and women are wearing the silver is precious, so people with a variety of silver dress. It is no exaggeration to say that a dress of the Yi women, from head to toe, greets you are dazzling, shiny silver. Yi woman dressed in the most expensive is the marriage with the "twitched fire" (pectoral) and "Wo Ga" (played back). Yi has become a beautiful silver pectoral's treasures. Plastron usually about 1 m long, generally required 10 kilograms silver, from 6-8 separate trim combination into a ring with a sterling silver chain link. Each ear drum hanging ornaments, silver bell. Colorful pattern on the decorative pieces, from the sun, moon, stars, croissants, butterflies, unicorns, birds, steamers and other ornamentation composed of prominent image of the pattern, exaggerated, fine workmanship, decoration convex, input dimension. The back is decorated with colorful women's favorite Yi, from a rectangular piece of red wool cloth for the bottom, flower inlaid silver plate, silver plate shape to use more day, month patterns, dot patterns, or to suppress the above hollow, silver lining on a red background, red and white shine, bright splendid. Yi men generally happy with the large left ear and thick silver earrings, and some men also wear bracelets and rings, indicating that the heroic spirit of the mighty Hammer. Silver decoration on the early Yi lacquerware same Xinshou characterization, the original simple. Decorations from the original totem was developed to simulate animal and plant decoration picture, and then rise to the use of points, lines, circles composed of geometric patterns, the patterns are now more by the sun, moon and stars, birds and flowers grass, mountains and trees and other accessories. Most of these patterns carved delicate, light and dark contrasts, linear curve and use patterns are enormous, moving in a static, density has caused, complicated in simple, affordable shades. Of course, the pattern density of sophistication of equipment should be determined according to the different. Incised decoration techniques used silverware, hollow, mosaics, etc., have made great progress compared with lacquer. Embodied in these exquisite beauty of silver is the essence of Yi handicrafts. Every family can create a silver Butuo County of Liangshan Yi entitled "silver town" reputation, in the history of the birth of a lot of silver craftsmen produced. West River Township in the county there is a violent and well known for the "silversmith village", where the Yi people in the silver generation process, almost every family will build a silver, all of them are craftsmen. From "silversmith village" came out of the sand and a master silversmith family is well known in the county in Butuo silver shop, you can watch the whole process of making silver Yi. Less than 20 square meters in a small room, used to build silver stove, space equal tools readily available. Power saw and sand with the balance to weigh out the required sub-silver, a liquid melt in the furnace, then poured into the lead in the silver die cooling water into silver bullion, silver bullion and then hit with a special tool made from silver panels of various shapes silver film is extruded through a mold prototype of silver, and finally through the plastic, carving, engraving, welding, grinding, polishing and a dozen or even dozens of procedures Road, a silver to perfectly demonstrate the Yi in the front of you. According to child ability and introduction of sand, if the silver pectoral build, at least about 10 days to complete. Butuo County silverware in the street, there are 15 workshops a variety of silverware as many people year-round site for your favorite silver jewelry processing and building, and each of the business are good. Geake nearly 50-year-old beautiful stone is Meigu Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Yi County, a silversmith, in the U.S. Regardless of the county runs a less than 6 square meters of handmade silver Yi workshop, families to live well off the day. Stone told the author that the United States, his apprenticeship with his father since childhood, learned the marketer to create fine silver, the son has inherited his father now, playing a good hand silverware. Stone shops in the United States, mainly to do processing, processing fees varies from more than ten dollars, as many as a thousand dollars, the shop also sells a variety of silver products. In the U.S. Regardless, workshops like this are more than 10 silver, silversmiths were the average monthly income of between 400-1000 yuan, we rely on the door the old craft, have lived a secure, comfortable good life.
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