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Thunder Mountain of Guizhou actively create a silver processing base in China
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Southeast Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou Province, a reporter walked into the West Town of control Leishan worship, hemp, black high Miao village, a silversmith who beat silver films, "jingling" sound heard. "Only by processing silver jewelry, my annual Net income amounted to 30 million. "With the development of tourism Ray Hill, the state of the Intangible Cultural Heritage GU Leishan never rushed up the national silver Productions Ltd, and bought the property in Leishan silver base, and gradually Tourism industry took to the road of arts and crafts. In recent years, with the rapid development of the West River tourism, local farmers have tasted the benefits of developing the tourism industry, and sweetness, such as Gu Yong Chong joined the farmers and rural tourism entrepreneurs returning more and more. At present, Xijiang Miao Miao has more than 100 music, travel goods store more than 30 to silver series, Miao clothing and embroidery series of tourism product development space for a growing arts and crafts, silver gradually out of the Village gate, and a country Inside and outside the tourism market one of the most competitive products. This year in August, Leishan again, further enrich the Hmong culture, Hmong festivals rich culture, actively tap culture, introduce more tourist products. To encourage more farmers in the silver processing industry , The county processed for silver jewelry give preferential policies to farmers, who settled in the county process Street, silversmith and enjoy a variety of tax-free preferential policies for 3 years. At present, silver, embroidery, batik, processing and marketing oriented people Lusheng Family travel more than 5,000 arts and crafts shops, in the silver jewelry sold nearly 1.1 million people, with annual sales revenue of more than billion. For the big silver industry, Leishan 2008 invested 26 million yuan to build the nation's silver square processing, marketing, showing a street now taking shape. Meanwhile, West River, linen, control thanks to the vicinity of the core, to create Ray Hill to the formation of the Xijiang River to the linen material to the processing units with a silver pattern of the river, silver combination of manufacturing and tourism, as the art of the ancient Miao silver to create a broader space for development. In 2009, tourism revenues Leishan West River area of 1.4 billion yuan, financial revenue 300 million, rural per capita net income of 1,600 yuan in 2008 rose to 3,800 yuan in 2009. January 2010 to May, the West River area were Tourists 227,404 passengers, an increase of 10.97%, to achieve revenues from tourism 72,419,000 yuan, an increase of 54.28%. Xiamen-Chengdu expressway with, your wide rapid railway construction, Qiandongnan connecting the Pearl River Delta will become the bridgehead of Guizhou Province. Currently, the Southeast states have included Ray Hill, "'half hour' Carey urban economic circle" and " Thunder Mountain Miao original cultural and ecological tourism economic zone "to create" national tourism county "as the goal of Leishan is to seize the opportunity, trying to build" the world is the West River "tourism brand, and strive to develop into the Xijiang River Country in the world-renowned resort destination.
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