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Silver market the rise of the provincial capital DIY Wind
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"Not long ago a pair of fancy earrings small rabbit was sold a pair of 180 yuan, 200 yuan these days go into the." Yesterday, the provincial city of fashion jewelry store in Central, in the face within one month up 20 yuan silver jewelry, consumers did not feel a bit sorry Miss Song shot back. This reporter recently learned that, with the price of silver rose, to highlight the personality, the price is not expensive DIY silver markets began to pop in Jinan. DIY consumers eyeing silverware "End of last month to purchase, the purchase price rose 3 percent than before." Shanda the provincial capital on a jewelry store owner, said the recent price adjustment of the silver shop, "the general price fluctuations, they will not price, but now Silver prices have gone up too much. "" A lot of silver jewelry prices are not cheap, especially some of those complex process, not as good as his hands. "Keung public provincial capital, said recently at a friend's recommendation, he started to learn DIY silver. Lixia District, in the provincial capital, a silver DIY stores, reporters saw the silver craft DIY system is not a traditional play, but the silver clay raw materials, shaping, carving, baking, grinding and polishing processes, the do come out . "Silver mud out of their hands more vivid." Staff briefing, silver is silver clay mud, the reporter saw, it looks like an ordinary soil, but the main ingredient is silver, clay-like mixture of water, Ban Cheng, free squeeze into type. It is understood that the whole DIY process is operating in the shop, as long as delivery of a fee, the store will offer jewelry making mold, the staff will guide customers, from the initial production of silver clay into shape, about to go through roasting, grinding and polishing processes, two hours a silver jewelry can be formed. Inexpensive, free style It is understood that DIY jewelry originated in Japan, some cities in the South have caught on to the recently popular Jinan market. Compared with the refined silver, DIY silver price is not high, it is a prime East Mountain Division staff told reporters silver shop, the shop is in accordance with the soil every 4 grams of silver price of 160 yuan fee, which includes cost of materials, Field guide fees, manual fees, currently the main customers to shop for the production of the main rings and silver pendants, then takes out a sales staff ready prime silver pendant told reporters, "the general made such a pendant to 3 grams of silver soil, DIY silver's price usually around 100 yuan -200 yuan. " In addition to relatively cheap, look at the choice of silver, according to their needs, which makes many consumers feel that memorable, it is understood, DIY fashion jewelry to buy the main young people, especially couples. Industry sources, because the relatively low price of silver, with gold prices continued to rise, DIY silver is just fit the modern pursuit of self-identity.
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