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Skyrocketing price of silver jewelry consumption match for heat
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4-day China (Shanghai) International Gold (1393.40,7.30,0.53%), Jewellery & Gem Fair ended on November 28. Number of cases of transnational corporations in mid-exhibition booth Jewellery Group, is always full of people around, many in the audience become a customer. Main complaints were silver jewelry inlaid jewelry, sold out 4 days Ke Qi brand's more than 5,000 pieces of silver. Recently, the international price of silver is now skyrocketing stage products were selling silver jewelry cases, indicating that consumer enthusiasm for silver prices did not decline. This year, silver prices surging, and rose higher than the price of gold. Last 3 months, silver is skyrocketing, up nearly 50%, inspired many investors turn their attention to silver. Value of silver jewelry consumers, more and more together. Were cases of jewelry is a transnational group of companies in the United States, Thailand, Italy, Japan, Vietnam, and China Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Mainland have branches. Enter the mainland China market has been 17 years of jewelry cases were in Beijing, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Taicang, Yaan, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Tatung and other places have established a production base and marketing center. Its sales of silver jewelry for export, mostly inlaid jewelry, few well-established silver jewelry. The inlaid stones are mostly synthetic zircon, spar, there are natural semi-precious stones. For a long time, China's silver consumption habits of people are wearing silver jewelry elements. Reform and opening up the aesthetics of Chinese consumers gradually change, love silver jewelry inlaid more and more people. The exhibition of these products were jewelry, mostly silver inlaid jewelry. The inlay of semi-precious, zircon, spar and other colorful, stylish new models to attract many visitors and spectators to purchase. The staff were jewelry cases, said: "Our stand is very strong popular."
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