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Miao Silver: intricate fusion of ancient and modern wisdom
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Ancient Songs of the lyrics in this, "Kim Joo build with gold, silver with silver to create columns, the chaotic world of distraction, genius will not collapse, give hammered silver, Silver Flower full splash, Golden Sun, Silver Moon, mountains and deep valleys, with bright day and night. "pillared with gold and silver playing days, made cast on the legend of months, probably the first Hmong legends about gold and silver. Bo Po arts network of experts said, according to this ancient song concluded, the Hmong have long grasped the gold and silver smelting technology. Fifty-six nationalities, fifty-six flowers, each nation has its peculiar texture and aroma, said Miao, in addition to singing and dancing, warm hospitality, the most Meets West is the Miao people's silver colored the. Miao Miao silver jewelry handmade necklace lucky leaf collar Miao Miao silver can be described as a very unique culture, in the Hmong, from daily life to the major festivals are without it. According to Bo Po arts network experts, forging silver technology and complex, we must first melting into thin slices off the silver, silver bullion, silver, and then use pressure level, hairpin carved, hollow, around the dead, point beads Seiko skills, and finally weaving welding shape. A silver and more, to go through a decade of procedures to complete. Modeling coupled with silver very strict technical requirements of manual, non-skilled silversmith, it is difficult to complete. Baby Jane Mall Bo Miao silver jewelry shown is through such complex and sophisticated technology made. It is the traditional combination of technology and modern design, demonstrating the wisdom of Hmong artisans. Such as handmade Miao Silver Dragon and Phoenix Pisces collar necklace, both used the traditional Miao silver patterns, the shape of another break with tradition and has a strong sense of the times, people feel unadorned appearance, personality and fashion. This jewelry gift to the ladies, would be a good choice. Miao Miao silver jewelry handmade dragon and phoenix * Pisces collar necklace 【Comments】 Bo Bo Po Baby Jane Mall in special silver Blue Lotus, which demonstrate that more than a thousand pieces of colored silver jewelry, including the Miao silver jewelry, these ornaments are hand-built. Not only has the charm of minorities, but also has the fashion sense of the modern city, women preferred personalized jewelry. Bo Po art network to remind you that although the overall price of Miao silver jewelry is not high, but the counterfeiters are still numerous, some of the "Miao silver" jewelry silver content in very little or non-silver, copper-nickel alloy is replaced with a new The. So buy a large selection of silver jewelry or should have qualified businesses.
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