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What silver acts the role of is simple maintain
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In adorn 銀 飾 時 does not adorn with 時 屬 of other 貴 gold head lest 飾 collides 變 form or brush 傷 . Maintain the male dry of 銀 飾 , 別 Dai Zhu swims, do not be close to 溫 spring and seawater. Adorn after can use cotton cloth or face of mop of face 紙 輕 every time, cleared water portion and bilge, like that after collects Wu Mi in envelope, avoid 與 empty 氣 to receive 觸 . The optimal method protecting 養 of 銀 飾 is to adorn every day, because person 體 grease can make,產 gives birth to the smooth 澤 of natural 溫 潤 .

Contain 緻 of essence of life and the 銀 飾 that establish sculpture of 體 make it, avoid to wipe brightness painstakingly. If 飾 of 發 現 銀 has the 跡 elephant of 變 黃, 應 uses the 細 縫 that 飾 of 銀 of the small 潔 that brush Qing Dynasty tastes bead 寶 first, like that after uses face of mop of 輕 of mop 銀 cloth, can 復 of extensive of 讓 銀 飾 originally 銀 white 與 is shining. Build 議 everybody here: If use mop 銀 cloth can 約 of 夠 extensive 復 most probably 況 of 銀 white shape, need to use mop to 銀 breeds and wash 銀 water with respect to 無, because of 為 這 some 產 tastes the corrupt 蝕 sex with be had certain, 銀 飾 is using 過 這 some the after that 產 tastes, 會 jumps over 黃 of 發 easy 變 . Mop 銀 cloth contains 銀 to protect 養 component, cannot bath. If make the same score 時 to there was not 進 of 對 銀 飾 in adorned after,travel 處 manages and collect, make 銀 飾 變 black likely with respect to 極. 這 時 應 uses the 細 縫 that 飾 of the small 潔 that brush Qing Dynasty tastes bead 寶 , like that drop of breast of 銀 of after 將 mop is on face 紙 , wipe of oxide of black of surface of 將 銀 飾 , 飾 of 復 of extensive of cloth of reoccupy mop 銀 is tasted originally shining. after is about 記 lives had done daily protect 養 commonly, avoid 銀 飾 again black, 銀 飾 is in for many times the after with black 變 very 難 is brushed white.

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