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Silver act the role ofing maintains basic knowledge
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  Silver act the role ofing maintains knowledge

1, outer when the 925 silver that handle through eletroplating act the role of cleanness do not immerse in order to wash silver-colored water, ferial maintain need to be rinsed in order to rinse only can.

2, avoid Yu Wenquan area and briny area to adorn this product, in order to because contact the change that sulfide place produces,prevent a product. If touch carelessly when, clean with a large number of clear water first please.

3, if product surface has attrition scratch, quicken silver-colored qualitative oxidation easily, because this shows light coffee color when product surface oxidation, or suffer chloride (like swimming-pool water) when corroding, ask seasonable processing.

4, silver act the role ofing is asked when adorning sealed save, avoid exterior luminosity abate.

5, wipe regularly, make this product luminosity is reduced easily also.

6, be engaged in washing clothes, wash a bowl to reach cook when waiting for the job, get off ring please, in order to avoid chemical article or effect of oily be soiled, its brightness.

7, pursue violent campaign or move move when the clog, avoid this acting the role of to apparel as far as possible please article, the damage cracking a face that because place of attrition, collision is caused,tastes with avoiding to act the role of, gem falls off wait for case happening; Touch to avoid this acting the role of to taste essence kind corporeal product, after suggesting to dress up at dress and make up only then adorn this acting the role of article.

Silver act the role ofing is tasted

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