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Silver acts the role of saved common method
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Silver act the role ofing is one of gem that have clever energy of life quite, her maintain have very much exquisite.

1. Avoid with fixature, perfume, protect skin to taste put together.

2. Wash clothes, bathe, dry rough work should get off silver act the role ofing.

3. What silver acts the role of is optimal maintain the method is to adorn every day, because human body grease can make silver produces Wen Run's burnish, namely so called " the person is raised " .

4. Silver act the role ofing contacts hot spring water or sulfide, make the surface produces change easily, because this should avoid Yuwenquande,the area adorns.

5. Appear when silver-colored qualitative oxidation talk about coffee, also can wipe in order to brush silver-colored cloth directly (the cloth that brush silver contains silver to protect nurturance to divide, cannot bath, wipe generation corrupt mark is silver, can use for many times) .

6. When silver act the role ofing is not being worn, answer airtight save.

Additional, the fights oxidisability and burnish endurance that silver acts the role of also concerns with individual constitution, the person with nice constitution can jump over Dai Yueliang, and if the constitution is weaker, silver acts the role of the likelihood to be met very quickly if body endotoxin is more nigrescent, this is not oxidation any more, however we say normally " toxic " , just like archaic person the needle that use silver checks wine in same, poisonous word silver-colored needle blackens. "Toxic " silver acts the role of light to be used with respect to it doesn't matter with the cloth that brush silver, polish of special go off with just goes.

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