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How is silver act the role ofing to maintain as other as ancient bronze mirror?
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The experience of life with old people is summed up, first-rate of silver act the role ofing maintains the method adorns every day namely, the burnish that secretes what produce natural Wen Run with respect to what can make because of what be human body grease; But the part that makes silver blackens also is contained in the sweat fluid of human body. When adorning silver is acted the role of, do not adorn at the same time other and precious metal, lest collide,be out of shape or cut. What should maintain silver to act the role of additionally is dry, do not adorn silver act the role ofing swims, do not approach seawater and hot spring. Texture of pure silver-colored headgear is soft, tug does not want to pull when hooking hair or dress; When sleeping, had better not adorn silver is acted the role of. After silver act the role ofing adorns, want to use cotton cloth or cotton to wipe the surface gently character, cleared moisture and bilge, can act the role of the transparent fingernail oil on exterior besmear in silver next or in park close envelope, avoid its and airy contact. If silver acts the role of already nigrescent hair to fizzle out, should use first small those who brush clean silver to act the role of is fine seam, wipe the surface with mop silver-colored cloth next, if did not restore,shine white word can use the water that wash silver. We at ordinary times maintain can be swabbed with toothpaste and tooth brush, also can immerse with acetic acid and tea of of the previous night swab, but what must maintain silver to act the role of after swab is dry.

Additional, mercury and sulfur corrode silver easily, for this we want to notice in daily life:

1, avoid silver to act the role of osculatory cosmetic. Because the majority in cosmetic contains sulfur and mercury. The person that works in chemical plant is unfavorable also adorn silver is acted the role of.

2, avoid silver to act the role of osculatory anion generator and alexipharmic ark to wait. Because ozone also can oxidize silver, make silver blackens.

3, avoid silver to act the role of osculatory tap water and washing powder. Because of tap water purify use bleaching powder and chlorine normally, bleacher is contained in washing powder (bleacher is contained chloric) , this has to silver corrode action badly, make silver loses luster.

4, should take care when use thermometer. Because mercury and silver-colored meeting produce reaction, form mercury to cream, corrode silver act the role ofing badly.

Say to maintain silver-coloredly, be to include very much little knowledge really inside! That can have a lot of people to ask again: Silver acts the role of phyletic and full of beautiful things in eyes, various, pattern now 100, how does the silver that faces so much act the role of us to should choose differentiate silver to act the role of? Need not urgent, instruct you a few court now!

5, see color: Purity of silver act the role ofing is taller, color is whiter, and all the more is exquisite and even, burnish smooth. If contain lead to pledge, criterion color contains green gray; If contain copper to pledge, coarse and dry.
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