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Maintain silver act the role ofing
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Silver act the role ofing is everybody special those who love act the role of article, but, I believe a lot of friends encountered such trouble, it is oneself the silver that love is acted the role of in imperceptible in become dark do not have light like that, some even exterior hair Huang Fa is black. What reason is this cause? Because silver-colored chemistry decides,this is, silver-colored chemistry unlike gold platinic perhaps gold is so stable, the surface did not pass special processing, become the pure silver of kind of 92.5% above, be shot extremely easily because of oxidation or strong illumination and lose original luster. Although pass special processing, if not is regular adorn, after period of time, still possibly exterior colour and lustre floats yellow circumstance arises.

How can you just make oneself simple silver-colored good-for-nothing or queer character maintains burnish for long? When does here have those who want an attention:

1. avoids with fixature, perfume, protect skin to taste put together

2. washs clothes, bathe, dry rough work should get off silver act the role ofing

3. often brushs Chang Xin with the cloth that brush silver, always protect headgear silver smooth gem

What 4. silver acts the role of is optimal maintain the method is to adorn every day, because human body grease can make,silver produces the burnish of natural Wen Run.

5. silver acts the role of water of osculatory hot spring or sulfide, make the surface produces change easily, because this should avoid Yuwenquande,the area adorns.

6. presents light coffee color when silver-colored qualitative oxidation, can soft cloth touchs a few silver-colored oil to wipe, or immerse in order to wash silver-colored water, also can wipe in order to brush silver-colored cloth directly (the cloth that brush silver contains silver to protect nurturance to divide, cannot bath, wipe generation corrupt mark is silver, can use for many times) .

7. silver is acted the role of answer when be not worn airtight save.

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