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Tibet acts the role of knowledge
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Tibetan bracelet hides copper to be made by ﹑ Tibetan silver commonly, engrave above have Sanskrit, already of primitive simplicity part is mysterious breath. Come from the terai of Lhasa, tibetian friend uses sand blown by wind of keep out highland. Fashionable gens should know how to use they and collocation of photograph of dress ﹑ color. Tibetian person wears crescent moon silver medal, indicative and chaste, and agate of the inlaid on silver medal is lapidary, have bless lucky and in good health meaning. The Tibet that gives priority to with gem of gules ﹑ blue is acted the role of those who hold an unpleasant attack by surprise concurrently is free and easy with sincerity, you can be flowed to show by it live strongly consciousness is deep and oscillatory.

What should point out particularly is, act the role of to the Tibet that comes from Tibet truly, for instance yak bone makes act the role of article, the opposite has grain commonly, and mimic is done not have. For example hides silver or hide cupreous bracelet again, the decorative pattern above should be to pass “ candied floss ” to adhere to go up, is not sculpture or overprint and into.

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