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It is normal that silver act the role ofing blackens?
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Silver act the role ofing blackens is normal natural phenomenon, it is certain to wait to have to silver because of the sulfur in air and other and natural medium and oxide corrode action, after adorning for some time, can appear a few small speckle () of vulcanization silver-colored film, can diffuse for a long time piece, become black even, although be in,act the role of article make clear eletroplate a diaphragm, if time became long,can appear as before carelessly oxidation. So, at present silver act the role ofing tastes the appearance that a few become angry because of oxidation.

If silver act the role ofing is tasted,blacken, not rapid move uses the bath that wash silver first, also be chemical preparation after all, taste to acting the role of also have what corrode action certainly. The cloth that brush silver is your first selection. But ten million wants to remember, the cloth that brush silver is contained protect nurturance to divide, absolutely not OK bath, and also should avoid to be contacted with other liquid as far as possible, lest invalidation. Still have a lot of small folk prescription, use scrub of toothpaste of down brush Taoist sacrificial ceremony for instance, or put in the bubble in coke overnight, nevertheless but must remember wiping the water above with cotton cloth!

Silver act the role ofing is tasted

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