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Knowledge of a variety of silver
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Silver in precious metals prices bottom, a few one-tenth of gold. In jewelry design It is almost without regard to cost factors, so they can design a lot of avant-garde. Exaggerated. Luxury. Thick jewelry to meet the pursuit of popular, but the young family with limited financial means.

Fine silver jewelry with silver and full wages can be divided into two categories, which are as follows

Fine silver silver content of not less than 990 thousandths called fine silver. As is too soft, easy to wear, so much used to make coins, but not for jewelry production.

Full wages silver content of not less than 925 thousandths, said full wages. Also known as 925 silver, full wages are usually joined with 92.5% Silver 7.5% other metals mixed. Its products in the polished gloss, bright beautiful than fine silver, so often used as a jewelry material and silver utensils.

Silver is not oxidized in air heating, but there is water and the presence of hydrogen sulfite or in the role of hydrogen sulfide, silver sulfide which is black. Silver contacts eggs and other sulfur-containing food or rubber also black, the general said silver oxide, silver sulfide is actually. There is a dedicated anti-sulfur 925 silver silver jewelry mending to slow the cure for black, but used to call "anti-oxidation of silver."

Logo on the silver: silver jewelry with a fineness of silver content in mind also that thousands of scores.

Fine silver: silver content of not less than 990 thousandths, playing? Fine silver? Tag or marking the actual content.

925 Silver: silver content of not less than 925 thousandths, playing? Silver 925? Or? S925? Tag.

Introduce other jewelry label:

Gold: refers to the gold content of not less than 990 thousandths, playing? Gold?,? GOLD990? Or? G990? Tag.

Thousands of gold: refers to the gold content of not less than 999 thousandths, playing? Thousands of gold?,? GOLD999? Or? G999? Tag.

K gold: gold content generally refers to the precious metals from jewelry 8K to 24K (1K = 4.1666 ??%)。 Marked as 24K, 18K, 9K, or 750 (ie, 75% gold content, also known as 18K), 583 (58.3% gold content, the equivalent of 14K) and so on.

Foot Platinum: Platinum content not less than 990 thousandths, playing? Enough platinum? Or? PT990? Tag.

950 Platinum: Platinum content not less than 950 thousandths, playing? Platinum 950? Or? PT950? Tag.

900 Platinum: Platinum content not less than 900 thousandths, playing? Platinum 900? Or? PT900? Tag.

850 Platinum: Platinum content not less than 850 thousand points, hit platinum 850 or? PT850? Tag.

Platinum jewelry other substances in the main group elements are the same Pd (Pb), such as the PT900 that 90% of platinum, palladium 10%, and so on. Generally platinum jewelry platinum content of not less than 85%.

Gold: the principle is the use of electrolytic copper in silver or jewelry made of very thin surface layer of gold plated, gold plated industry standard thickness of not less than 0.5um, even if the thin layer of gold was also greater than 0.05um, gold plating Marked as jewelry? GP? or? KP?.

Covered with gold: the gold foil wrapped in silver, copper and other metal materials on the surface, requiring gold fineness of not less than 10K, the weight of material Total weight of not less than 1 / 20, common KF said.

Forging Gold: Gold is essentially under the package is in the high temperature and pressure conditions, the gold jewelry rough forging in the other metal surface. The fineness of gold is greater than 10K, in which K-gold forging no less than the total 5% of the finished product, the mark? GF? Or? KGF?, Forging gold surface hardness, high wear and difficult to lose the gold texture.

Identification of silver

In general, the cost of silver is not high, so there is absolutely false silver, the purity of true and false is different.

Identification of silver purity and quality can refer to the following points:

See color: the higher the purity, the more white, silver, jewelry, shiny surface looks uniform, with polish. If you lead, will be showing a gray jewelry; such as copper, jewelry surface will become rough, the color is not moist feeling.

Weigh Weight: silver density slightly larger than the average common metal, generally speaking:? Aluminum light weight silver, copper does not light nor heavy. ? So Diandian whether the weight of silver to make their initial judgments. If the jewelry larger and lighter, you can be the initial judge of the other metal accessories.

Search hardness: the hardness of silver over copper is low, while the more lead, tin big draw jewelry pin can be used to test inconspicuous place, such as needle slip surface is difficult to leave marks, you can judge for copper jewelry; the case of lead, tin texture, the traces are obvious, prominent; such as physical traces left less obvious but can be initially determined to silver jewelry.

Listen Rhythm: sterling silver jewelry resounding, no stretch, the sound is? Porphyrin porphyrin da da?. Lower purity, lower sound, and the higher the band sound more sharp rhyme; the case of copper, the sound of higher and sharp, tight and short rhyme sound; the case of lead, tin texture, then throw to sound boring, short No stretch.

The wear on the silver

● wear suitable match concise style, shape delicate silver necklace.

● casual match for unique design, shape exaggeration sterling silver ring.

● lovely type dress to wear a silver bracelet with small bell very appropriate.

● colored gem embedded (not black) to wear jewelry for young girls, older women have to wear Zhuangnen suspected, while men are too feminine to wear.

● Tibetan silver color of a strong personality, not with wear, so not very professional people, capable of feeling.

● Silver should not be mixed with gold jewelry to wear, because of its temperament is not the same, but different styles of jewelry can be worn together, presenting a rich texture.

● luxury to attend the special occasion or wear gorgeous clothes in particular, should not wear silver, but should choose expensive jewelry, diamonds.

● After the silver becomes old black, not necessarily to continue to wear clean, that is also a great taste of nostalgia.

● fashion jewelry are the things, pay attention to wear the styles change frequently, do not be too obvious silver fashion elements (such as the cross) to wear to last season.

Why are there 925 to say silver? 925 in the end what is the point?

Answer: 925 sterling silver jewelry is not really 100% silver content, it is because the silver added 7.5% of the other ingredients, so that silver sheen, brightness and hardness are improved. And since the launch of the first set of 1851 silver TIFFANY amount of 925 parts per thousand silver jewelry, 925 silver began to pop, so the silver is present in the market to identify whether the 925 as a silver standard. 925 silver jewelry polished after showing a very beautiful metallic luster, but also has a certain hardness, can be inlaid stones, made of high-end jewelry.

With silver will be allergic to it?

May be caused by several common allergies

1 silver purity of the problem, or is not silver. Some metals can cause skin allergies, such as nickel. But Silverwing fashion jewelry sold by the regular Silver jewelry manufacturers have been testing, will not cause skin allergies can be assured to wear, it is recommended users not to buy silver jewelry stalls, preventing the causes of skin inflammation.

2, skin allergies, a small part of the people are allergic to any metal, silver, of course no exception.

3 allergic reaction, that the wearing of silver and other media react to produce a third substance, causing allergies, such as swimming in sea, will have a child with a silver chain reaction.

Why do some people will be black with silver, some people are not so obvious with it?

Endocrine structure because everyone is different, some people sweat more acid, some less, some have a relatively high ammonia content, so the wearing of silver produced different results, the ease of acid black, not acid to Black is not easy, even some strong oil secretion people will have to shine with their own shiny silver jewelry Silver Wing has most of the coating (except for a small part of the character of silver jewelry), so please do not lightly use the brush silver cloth But even if there are coating, also need to take good care of, so when you sweat more, to try not to wear a silver-plated jewelry.

Silver black how to do?

Jewelry has arrived, but in romance erosion, silver is always bound to change, so Silverwing fashion jewelry sold by a lifetime warranty service, the buyer should be returned to the silver wings as cleaning and re-plated finish.

Classification of silver

Tibetan silver Tibetan silver is a kind of Chinese traditional silver, produced in Tibet and the surrounding area, rich in religious connotation, is the survival of Tibetan life and longing for the carrier. The pattern is characterized by fine, but do not pay attention to materials. We see most of the Tibetan silver in the market of silver content in fact very small, there are some very good silver purity of silver. So for the Tibetan silver is not silver, Tibetan silver is a silver argument I think both errors. Tibetan silver is a silver area, is a silver processing categories, for good or bad grades can not be generalized.

Thai silver, by definition, is the traditional silver process in Thailand, Thai silver jewelry the basic process is the surface of corrosion treatment, and then polished to form a black line, is full of unique three-dimensional ornaments. The basic pattern of Thai silver flowers, grass, fish, elephants. Thai national aspirations of full and happy life.

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